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Mag. Michaela Shirandami was the first registered Anusara-inspired Yoga Instructor in AUSTRIA


After practising yoga for many years and trying different styles, she trained as a Yoga Teacher in the Anusara Style, orginially founded by John Friend 1997 and back then a modern Hatha yoga system combining various paths of Yoga (Hatha, Jnana and Bhakti).


VISION: Philosophy of Non-Dualism (TANTRA Kashmir Shaivism)

We practice to experience the truth of our highest potential, to connect with the divine; we hold a spiritual purpose or intension not only on the mat but in our daily lives.

We practice to explore & express ourselves at every moment. Playful. Mindful. Soulful.


METHOD: Taught by bio-mechanical Universal Principles of Alignment, the Chakra System and Mythic Stories of great classical Epics. We aim for balanced action of our muscular and organic energy;

we pulsate by drawing into and extending out from core focal points (pelvis, heart, upper palate); we follow subtler alignment principles like spirals and loops; we listen deeply, breathe fully or retain breath, an introduction to PRANAYAMA and MEDITATION;


THEME: every class offers a "theme" to cultivate a quality of the heart, to empower and inspire ourselves whilst linking our physical practice to something bigger than ourselves.

We unfold the connection between a pose, its benefits, the philosophy behind it, to ultimately offer and celebrate grace.