From absolute Beginners to tailor-made choreography

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Simply choose your song and let me make you dance!



WALTZ VIENNESE: the classic and most popular wedding dance, typical swinging  ¾ beats


SLOW WALTZ: slow and romantic ¾ beats with grand poses and elegant turns


QUICKSTEP: fast, furious and funny sequences of quick footwork in closed position


FOXTROTT: a slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm, danced in closed Ballroom position


DISCO FOX: a simpler variation of the above, danced in open position with fancy arm movements


SALSA: super sexy moves, danced closely. Originally from Cuba, it nowadays blends in styles from Colombia, New York, LA - danced “on 1” or “on 2” or in a circle known as “La Rueda”


CHA CHA CHA: an easy to learn Latin Dance with open position, allowing to move those hips


RUMBA: the Latin American Dance of Love, slow and seductive


SAMBA: bouncy knees & ankles, Ballroom Samba is less complicated than the Brazilian original


MAMBO: remember “Dirty Dancing”.. say no more


TANGO: Ballroom Tango is more accentuated and easier to learn than the classical Argentinean Art


QUADRILLE: the traditional Austrian Court line dance, highly popular as social interaction

                        and always a midnight highlight at Balls in Vienna!


                                        OWN CHOREOGRAPHIES AND UNIQUE VARIATIONS OF STEPS!

"Lead your lady not only onto the dancefloor.. but into a new life together!"

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